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Sketch C Ommissions A by DarkEros

Sketch C Ommissions B by DarkEros

Open for commissions 
both SFW and NSFW
email me at 
- please provide reference
-brief description of what you want
- your tumblr/deviantart/furraffinity
work starts after I receive the payment
got 5 slots open 

RULES: no vore, shota, loli, gore, scat, inflation, etc etc.

howdy folks,
dont normally write journals or feel people would read them, but i do hope you give this one a look over ;w;
i got a friend who needs help paying some of his bills, as of right now the major one is his internet bill, with out that i dont think he could make the money he needs to pay off this bills.
check him out on his tumblrs and see if you can help a bro out.
A great man has passed away and I thank him for the wonderful impact he had on the art world.